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 Steiff Schulte
 Webmanufaktur GmbH
 Holteistraße 8
 D - 47057 Duisburg
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The wonderful story of the Teddy Bear started at the beginning of this century. Everyone knows that Richard Steiff was the creator of the Teddy Bear; but what would Teddies have looked liked if he had not found the right material for their fur ???

Paul Steiff (links) und Reinhard Schulte, 1908
Paul Steiff (left) and Reinhard Schulte, 1908
Fortunately, Schulte in Duisburg was already in existence! In 1901 Reinhard Schulte had opened his own factory, weaving plush fabrics. Today his company is known throughout the world as "the Mecca for bear making fabrics". The name Schulte, Duisburg, has become synonymous with high-quality Mohair fabrics. Since their early beginns Schulte and Steiff have remaned in close commercial and privat contact.
Steiff Teddies, which attract the highest prices at sales and auctions are almost exclusively made from the "Original Schulte Mohair". And still today, Steiff Teddies which are made from genuine Schulte Mohair are a Guarantee for highest Teddy Bear Culture!
Our long tradition, our "know how" developed by generations, and the newest production processes make it possible for Schulte to create fabrics every Teddy Manufacturer, Designer and Artist, -as well as collector-, loves and adores.

A fur fabric without comparison - world wide.
Teddies made from the "Original Schulte Mohair" are percious escorts into the future. Faithful partners one always can rely upon.
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